SAW Touchscreen
5-Wire Resistive Touch
  5-Wire Panel Model List
  5-Wire Specification 6"-24"
  5-Wire Structure Part
  5-Wire Touch Driver
Structure of Typical 5-Wire Resistive Touchscreen Panel & Controller
  Typical Mechanical Drawing of 5-Wire resistive touchscreen Panel  

Panel Dimension in MM


Active Area

OL (Outline Length) x OH (Outline Height)

AL (Active area Length) x AH (Active area Height)

Thickness of Panel: 1.1mm & 2mm & 3mm

The panel tail comes out from middle left side of the standard 5-wire touchscreen panel;

Length of Tail is 100mm for size ≤15", 180 mm for size >15"

Structure of Controller
VTouch 5-Wires Resistive Controller
USB Controller
USB Controller Cable
RS232 Controller mechanical drawing
RS232 Controller Cable
Integration Procedure
1     Connection of 5-wire Resistive Touchscreen Component
1.1  Connect controller with 5-wire resistive touch screen via extension cable;
1.2  Connect the controller to the motherboard via either USB port or RS232 port;
1.3  Connect the controller to 5VDC power (USB port can provide 5 VDC; Key board port or mouse port can provide 5VDC power for RS232 controller);
1.4  Install the appropriate touch system driver in correspondence with operation system, (Windows XP, 2K etc.)
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