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Windows 2000 / XP RS232_USB_PS2_5.11.0.9126

Mac OS 9.X                       USB_1.0.2


Windows 7 RS232_USB_PS2_5.11.0.9126

Mac OS X                        USB_1.16.9106

32Bit:                                        Kernel 2.4.x                   RS232_USB_PS2_3.06.5605 Kernel 2.6.x                      RS232_USB_PS2_3.06.5625  64Bit:                                        Kernel 2.6.x                      RS232_USB_PS2_3.06.5625           64Bit/32Bits                                    Kernel 2.6.x                      RS232_USB_PS2_1.01.1014

QNX Neutrino RTOS V6.3                RS232_1.01.5608                           QNX Neutrino RTOS V6.3          USB_1.4.8913



Windows Vista RS232_USB_PS2_5.11.0.9126

Mac OS X   (IntelCPU)             32Bit Mac OS X 10.5.X and 10.6 ( Intel CPU )

32Bit Leopard and Snow Leopard ( Intel CPU )

64Bit Mac OSX 10.6 and 10.7 





Windows CE 6.0         RS232_USB_3.1.5.4007PS2_3.0.2.8320

Windows 9X/MeRS232_USB_PS2_3.8.0.6617

Windows NT4.0   RS232_USB_PS2_3.6.0.6917

Windows CE.Net (4.x/5.0)  RS232_USB_2.1.0.4011PS2_2.0.13.8320

Windows EmbeddedRS232_USB_PS2_5.11.0.9223

DOS                      RS232_PS2_6.00.07.6509



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