SAW Touchscreen
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  SAW Specification 8"-24"
  SAW Specification 26"-47"
    SAW Specification 26"-47"
    Large SAW Structure
    Special Large Size
    SAW Accessories 26"-47"
  SAW WaterProof(IP65)
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  SAW Touchscreen Driver
5-Wire Resistive Touch



 SAW Connector Cables

Standard length: 1.8m (customization available)

Cable type:

Cable Model


Work with Controller

Work with SAW Sensor


USB, 12V power


For all SAW touch screen sensor that size is larger than 24”


RS232, 12VDC power


       Double-sided adhesive double tapes

Various sizes available

Excellent glue performance


     Dust-proof Stripes

Thickness: 1.5mm-8mm

Width: 3mm-8mm

Length: any length

Made of special material, excellent dust-proof performance, avoid signal loss

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